Saturday, June 9, 2007

Vasudeva and Vaasudeva

As it was found difficult to return to Skandashram soon after the noon puja to the [Mother's] samadhi, rice, dhal, etc. were carried downhill so that those who did the puja could cook and eat there itself and return to Skandashram in the evening. A small thatched hut was also put up near the samadhi to be used as a kitchen.

Dandapaniswami and Chinnaswami stayed there permanently. As a portion of the provisions was taken by them, those in Skandashram sometimes did not have enough food. As a result, there was dissatisfaction. The murmer of dissatisfaction reached the ears of Vasudeva Sastri, who was looking after the affairs of Skandashram. He wrote a note to Ramanatha Brahmachari thus: "Devotees give not to Vasudeva but to Vaasudeva (meaning not to Mother, but to Sri Bhagavan)." Ramanatha Brahmachari showed the note to Sri Bhagavan.

After reading it, Sri Bhagavan said, "Oh! how could there be Vaasudeva without Vasudeva?" When Vasudeva Sastri heard about Sri Bhagavan's remarks, he decided not to say anything more about the matter.

~ Kunju Swami, Living with the Master

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