Thursday, June 14, 2007

Bhagavan's Promises about the mind

Give me your mind

'You should offer up to me the bright ruby of your mind. That is the gift that will bring me delight.'

'The sweet love I have for such a mind I do not have for anything else.' Padam desires this.

Padam receives the minds of loving devotees as an offering, swallowing them through a ruby-red light.

Padam accepts only the mind as a fitting offering, rejecting everything else as being incompatible.

~ Padamalai, Teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi recorded by Muruganar, edited and annotated by David Godman


The true Guru wishes only to liberate us. Everything He does and says points to this and this alone. Everything He does, He does for our sake, and no convoluted explanations are necessary to see His actions as God's Grace.

I am eternally grateful that Sri Bhagavan lived every moment of His "embodied" life in perfect alignment with His Father, Arunachala-Siva. Every interaction He ever had with any"one", from human to wasp to leaf, was an expression of His Divinity. Every story, every word, is a doorway we can enter to know Him better.

Glory to our Father and His most beautiful Feet! May He rest Them on our heads so we are rendered powerless to withhold our minds from Him. May we become capable of giving Him the gift He asks for.

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