Tuesday, June 19, 2007

in Praise of the Guru's Holy Feet

Exposing the unreality of the ego self through the enquiry 'Who am I?', they deliver us from the powerful grip of life's desolate ocean. Uprooting the strong and deep-seated attachment within our hearts and leading us to a state in which we may realize their true nature, they are the holy feet of our Lord.

They burn and consume the fundamental seeds of our actions, so that our deeds no longer have the power to enslave us. Sweetly scented like perfumed fruit, filling my mind and senses with their light so that I dwell no longer upon the falsehood born of desire and ignorance, they are the holy feet of our Lord.

Nurturing and protecting, they purify the hearts of true devotees and vouchsafe them the direct experience of Lord Siva's nature. Openly manifesting their truth in a visible form so that we are able to grasp the pure 'I' and bathe in its glorious light, they are the holy feet of our Lord.

~ from Non-Dual Consciousness, The Flood Tide of Bliss by Sri Muruganar

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