Friday, June 10, 2011

Mind takes the very form of that which one contemplates

Mind constantly swings like a pendulum
between the reality and the appearance,
between consciousness and inertness.

When the mind contemplates the inert objects for a considerable time,
it assumes the characteristic of such inertness.

When the same mind is devoted to enquiry and wisdom,
it shakes off all conditioning
and returns to its original nature as pure consciousness.

Mind takes the very form of that which one contemplates,
whether it is natural or cultivated.

Therefore, resolutely but intelligently contemplate
the state beyond sorrow,
free from all doubts.

The mind is capable of restraining itself;
there is indeed no other way.

~ Yoga Vasistha

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How can I help others?

Question : If one remains quiet how is action to go on? Where is the place for karma yoga?

Ramana Maharshi : Let us first understand what karma is, whose karma it is and who is the doer. Analysing them and enquiring into their truth, one is obliged to remain as the Self in peace. Nevertheless even in that state the actions will go on.

Question : How will the actions go on if I do not act?

Ramana Maharshi : Who asks this question? Is it the Self or another? Is the Self concerned with actions?

Question : No, not the Self. It is another, different from the Self.

Ramana Maharshi : So it is plain that the Self is not concerned with actions and so the question does not arise.

Question : I want to do karma yoga. How can I help others?

Ramana Maharshi : Who is there for you to help? Who is the `I' that is going to help others? First clear up that point and then everything will settle itself.

Question : That means `realize the Self.' Does my realization help others?

Ramana Maharshi : Yes, and it is the best help that you can possibly render to others. But really there are no others to be helped. For the realized being sees only the Self, just as the goldsmith sees only the gold while valuing it in various jewels made of gold. When you identify yourself with the body, name and form are there. But when you transcend the body-consciousness, the others also disappear. The realized one does not see the world as different from himself.