Wednesday, June 27, 2007

drinking in the stillness

On other occasions there is neither celebration nor crisis nor any activity whatever but an abiding silence throughout the hall and Ashram. It can happen that, after a long period without rainfall, flash-flood showers sweep through in the early morning hours. The whole of the surrounding nature is awakened, brought to life again after the lingering drought. Frogs chant in full voice, the Ashram well fills to the brim and the sound of run-off streams from the mountain is heard in the distance. The fragrance of lemongrass, sage and pampas, undetectable during the dry months, fills the darshan hall while songbirds, as if appearing out of nowhere, sing their springtime songs once again. On such mornings, an infused silence permeates as Bhagavan, devotees, and often, Gomatha Lakshmi, sit in meditation, drinking in the stillness of the after-rain hush.

~ from The Life of Lakshmi the Cow

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