Wednesday, June 13, 2007

more of Bhagavan's Promises (how wonderfully they go on and on!)

Meditating on me

Splendorous Padam declares: 'Meditating on me with no sense of difference [between us] is accepting my grace and offering yourself to me. This in itself is enough.'

If you worship me by meditating well on the excellence of my true nature, the greatness of your own true nature will well up in your Heart.

Knowing that what abides in your Heart is the Self, my true and real nature, you should search for it there. Only this can be regarded as meditating on me with devotion.

Padam advises: 'Keeping one's attention on the subtle consciousness that is experienced by the extremely subtle mind is personal service to me.'

The compassionate heart that flows from me to you will never fail except when you cease to have remembrance of 'me', who command and conduct everything

You can know and experience my grace, which is my nature, if you remember me with no forgetfulness in your heart.

Union with me

Seeking my true nature in your Heart, discovering it and rejoicing in it by bathing in the bliss of my jnana-swarupa -- this is union.

Only bhakti sadhana performed continuously with love will fascilitate easily, in a gradual way, this union.

Enter with love the temple that is your own Heart and experience the bliss of being absorbed in my swarupa, becoming one with it.

I myself will command and control a mind that has died by the sacrifice of the ego.

~ Padamalai

(and that is not all ;-))

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