Thursday, June 21, 2007

demolish those concepts

Through the concepts of others you have built up so many things around you that you are lost. "You" is decorated and embellished by the concepts of others. Prior to receiving any hearsays from outside, has anyone any information about himself?

The purpose of Sat-Guru is to tell you what you are like prior to the building up of all those concepts of others. Your present spiritual storehouse is filled up with the words of others -- demolish those concepts. Sat-Guru means the eternal state which will never be changed: what you are. You are that immutable, eternal, unchangeable Absolute. Sat-Guru tells you to get rid of all these walls built around you by the hearsays and concepts of others.

You have no form, no design. The names and forms you see are your consciousness only -- the Self is colourless but it is able to judge colours, etc.

The one who is directed by a Sat-Guru has no more birth. Your sadhana is over, you have reached this place.

To you who search for the Self, I explain this type of knowledge, I lead you to a state where there is no hunger, no desire.

~ Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, Prior to Consciousness, edited by Jean Dunn

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