Wednesday, June 6, 2007

only the pure radiance of love will remain

Q: All I want is to be free.

Sri Nisargadatta: You must know two things: What are you to be free from and what keeps you bound.

Q: Why do you want to annihilate the universe?

Sri Nisargadatta: I am not concerned with the universe. Let it be or not be. It is enough if I know myself.

Q: If you are beyond the world, then you are of no use to the world.

Sri Nisargadatta: Pity the self that is, not the world that is not! Engrossed in a dream you have forgotten your true self.

Q: Without the world there is no place for love.

Sri Nisargadatta: Quite so. All these attributes; being, consciousness, love and beauty are reflections of the real in the world. No real -- no reflection.

Q: The world is full of desirable things and people. How can I imagine it non-existent?

Sri Nisargadatta: Leave the desirable to those who desire. Change the current of your desire from taking to giving. The passion for giving, for sharing, will naturally wash the idea of an external world out of your mind, and of giving as well. Only the pure radiance of love will remain, beyond giving and receiving.

Q: In love there must be duality, the lover and the beloved.

Sri Nisargadatta: In love there is not the one even, how can there be two? Love is the refusal to separate, to make distinctions. Before you can think of unity, you must first create duality. When you truly love, you do not say: 'I love you'; where there is mentation, there is duality.

~ Sri Nisargadatta, I Am That

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