Sunday, June 10, 2007

the holy feet of our noble Master

In Sri Ramana Anubhuti, Sri Muruganar describes his experience of realising the Self in Sri Bhagavan's presence:

75. He saved me, his humble devotee, from destruction, bringing
me to salvation through his own ambrosial being, even as I
languished in the dark night of my mind’s deadly delusion. Then
indeed did the holy feet of my noble Master, bestowing his grace
in holy silence, become immovably established within my heart,
illuminating my inner being with the golden light of true spiritual

77. Showing me the light of his true teaching, his holy feet drove
out the ruinous ignorance that, like a dark cloud, defiled my
soul with corruption. Revealing to me in all its clarity the truth
whose nature is liberation, he joyfully filled my heart with the
bliss of profound peace.

83. As I waited nervously, weeping and distraught, on the
threshold of his grace-bestowing divine presence, my Master
cut away the worldly desires which so tormented me, and there,
beneath his bounteous foot, I received a noble gift, the realisation
of the true knowledge of Lord Siva.

84. The Lord graciously manifested as my Guru, eradicating the
bondage of my deluded cravings. Revealing to me the glory of
his feet, driving out all my desires, he ruled over me, so that in
my soul only he remained. The joy of reflecting upon my deep
affection for him never leaves my heart.

85. Seeking sanctuary I took shelter at his feet, and he, through
his silent presence, bade me henceforth fear no more. From
that day on, through that authentic union in which he became
ineradicably established within my heart, my life has been filled
with a child-like happiness and profound joy.

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