Sunday, July 29, 2007

Today is Guru Purnima! All praise to our Beloved Father, Lord Ramana

Long live the grace of the Lord
who ever protects those devotees
who have taken refuge in him
so that they do not languish and perish
like a ship [lost] in mid-[ocean]!

Long live the grace of our Father
who shines as the unique exemplar
of that noble nature that will not consent
to inflict suffering on living beings!

Long live the glory of him
whose munificent feet are imbued
with the exalted supreme bliss
that brings delight to the virtuous
whose thoughts do not swerve
from the path of the dharma!

Long live the [very] dust of the feet
of the blissful companion
who never leaves
the hearts that love him,
dwelling agreeably therein,
dispelling their sorrow!

Long live the feet of him
who, as the omnipresent divine presence
is a treasure-trove in their [hour of] need
to those who have banished
[thoughts of] 'I' and 'mine'
by humbly bowing their heads!

Long live the holy lotus feet
that delight the great kings of tapas
who fix their thoughts upon him,
such that not a moment of their time
is spent in vain!

~ Sri Ramana Maharshi and Sri Muruganar, Ramana Puranam

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