Monday, July 16, 2007

Their essential oneness

Ramana's enlightenment on the 17th July 1986, can only be seen to be Arunachala's way of proclaiming to the whole world that Ramana's birth was for broadcasting to the world its glory as the fire of knowledge.

If one is looking for more evidence one could refer to Ramana's statement that he "used to feel the vibrations of the Heart (the Hrt-Sphurana") which resembled those of a dynamo, even in school." The only two sacred books which Ramana had read before his enlightenment were 'The Holy Bible' and 'Periya Puranam'.

Almost within a few years of his arrival at Arunachala persons well versed in the scriptures like Gambhiram Sesha Iyer came to him seeking clarification about some sacred text or other and got authoritative replies. To Sivaprakasam Pillai Ramana gave the quintessence of spiritual wisdom through his 'Nan Yar', 'Who am I?' method of self-enquiry. When Ramana was staying on Arunachala, he composed the 'Five Hymns on Arunchala', an expression of their essential oneness.

~ Sri A. R. Natarajan, Arunachala From Rigveda to Ramana Maharshi

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