Monday, July 9, 2007

Once Sri Bhagavan asked a devotee to give his clothes for washing as He had no work to do.

God of gods, Sage of sages, Teacher of teachers, Bhagavan Ramana was, but He always lived with human beings as if He were an ordinary man. He carried out His daily duties like bathing, having His food etc. Whatever task He did, He did it to perfection. When He cut vegetables He did not waste any part of it, not even the root of the spinach. When he bound old books He did a thorough and professional job. Books, whether written by scholars or children's nursery rhymes, costly or cheap, all received the same care and attention from Him. His handwriting was so beautiful that one felt like worshiping it. When He cooked food it had a flavour that was out of this world. Once He asked a devotee to give his clothes for washing as He had no work to do.

He was sensitive to love and suffering. He was moved to read about the king who came to serve Kamban, the Tamil poet. He shed tears when devotees spoke of their sufferings. At whatever time guests came, He urged His devotees to give them food and not to show any distinction between Himself and others. He wanted to share everything with others. He made the people working in the Ashram have the same food as others. Bhagavan's generosity was legendary. Whether it was simple gruel or nectar, He shared it with everyone. But when a devotee gave Him the bitter Etti fruit, He ate it all by Himself. What could the Etti fruit do to Him, the one who kept the Alakala poison in His throat!

While reading the story of Lord Siva's devotees He would put the book down, overcome with emotion and unable to read further. In Aksharamanamalai He says to Arunachala, "You have heard the sweet verses of your devotees. Now listen to these crude verses of mine", thus elevating the status of the devotee. He was indeed the epitome of all virtues.

~ from Ramana's Arunachala, Ocean of Grace Divine, by Sri Bhagavan's Devotees

[note: When the milk ocean was churned, the alakala poison came out which Lord Siva consumed to protect the lives of all creatures.]

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