Sunday, May 20, 2007

this oneness

I asked him to explain what the writer of Maha Yoga quotes as his considered opinion that no authentic sage ever contradicted another, all illuminates being essentially one.

He answered me this time at some length, contending that the paths may seem diverse, but when the pilgrims reach the goal, the perspective changes and one sees clearly, that only those who have lagged behind quarrel about the relative mertits of different roads, and that only the goal matters. "So it is utter folly," he added, "to go on wrangling among ourselves, beccause we were one in the beginning and shall be one again in the end. Also, this oneness is so thrillingly real that one may say, if X wants anything from Y then Y can hardly decline because in giving to X, Y gives to himself in the last analysis."

~ from Ramana Smrti ("Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi" by Dilip Kumar Roy)

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