Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The Heart

Those are truly wise who drink the flooding honey of Atma-swarupa, which shines in the Heart as the Heart, and feel contented.

Only in the silence of the Heart, where the movement of mind and intellect ceases, will the unique light of pure consciousness blaze forth, radiating brightly.

Thinking is imagination. The Heart, thought-free Atma-swarupa, is the reality, pure consciousness.

When perfection exists as the nature of your Heart, why do you lose your composure by dwelling on imperfections?

The Heart is the jiva-samadhi where the soul of the true devotee resides forever with bliss-consciousness.

~ from Padamalai


Hans said...

Thank you Ramanamayi for your beautiful posts. I just stumbled upon your blog. It feels like being in Tiru.

ramanamayi said...


It brings me joy to hear that this blog has the feel of Tiru to you.

'What a wonder! It stands as if an insentient hill [yet] its action is mysterious - impossible for anyone to understand.' ~ Sri Bhagavan (Sri Arunachala Ashtakam.)

So mysterious!