Friday, May 11, 2007

bright unfading worship

Rare indeed is the non-dual jnana.
Yet fixing firmly one's true love
On Siva's Feet will easily lead
One to the Grace divine, the light
Which destroys illusion dark
And reveals the Real.

Through love firm fixing the Lord's Feet
Ever in the heart, one can destroy
All false desires. And then the heart,
Now blossoming wide, beholds the true
Light of supreme awareness.

If the jiva's head but merges
In Siva's Feet, the jiva shines
As Shiva Himself. The ego-ripple dies
And gains the stillness of true Being.

Snapping sharp the heavy fetters
Of false desires, speed your thoughts
Towards His golden lotus Feet.
Wasting not a moment practice
Meditation on those Feet for ever.

Only in the heart firm fixt
In meditation deep the Lord abides.
Train then the heart until it stops
Roaming and home-coming like a stray bull
And learns to cling to Him alone.

Give up those attachments false
That drag one to the world of sense.
If the still mind adores the crystal
Linga, pure awareness, bliss,
Bliss infinite results.

Auspicious is each day; benevolent
In aspect each planet; lucky
Is each conjunction. Every hour
Is fit, fine, and fresh for the bright
Unfading worship of the Lord.

~ Sri Muruganar, Guru Vachaka Kovai

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