Saturday, May 12, 2007

abiding in the Self

Jnana is given neither from outside nor from another person. It can be realised by each and everyone in his own Heart.

The jnana Guru of everyone is only the Supreme Self that is always revealing its own truth in every Heart through the existence-consciousness 'I am, I am'. The granting of being consciousness by him is initiation into jnana. The grace of the Guru is only this Self-awareness that is one's own true nature. It is the being-consciousness by which he is unceasingly revealing his existence.

This divine upadesa is always going on naturally in everyone. As this upadesa alone is what reveals the natural attainment of the Self through one's own experience, the mature ones need at no time seek the help of external beings for jnana upadesa. The upadesa obtained from outsiders in forms such as sounds, gestures and thoughts are all only mental concepts.

Since the meaning of the word upadesa (upa + desa) is only 'abiding in the Self' or 'abiding as the Self', and since this is one's own real nature, so long as one is seeking the Self from outside, Self-realisation cannot be obtained. Since you are yourself the reality that is shining in the Heart as being-consciousness, abide always as a sthita prajna [one who is established in wisdom] having thus realised your own true nature. This firm abidance in the experience of the Self is described in the Upanishads by such terms as 'the import of the mahavakyas', 'Supreme silence', 'Being still', 'Quiescence of mind', and 'Realisation of one's true nature'.

~ Sri Bhagavan (from Sri Ramana Darsanam)

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