Thursday, May 10, 2007

straight to the Heart

The Sage [of Arunachala] describes the method of the Quest in the following; "Just as one dives into a lake, seeking a thing that has fallen in, so should the seeker dive into the Heart, resolved to find wherefrom rises the ego-sense, restraining speech and the vital breath."[Ulladu Narpadu, v28].

This brings out the devotional aspect of the Quest; as the diver devotes himself to his purpose -- the recovery of the lost article -- by restraining the breath and diving with all his weight, so too the seeker must be devoted to the finding of the real Self -- the source of the 'I am' in the ego -- by the ingathering of all the vital and mental energies and directing them Heartwards.

The resolve to find the Self is the dynamic element of the Quest, without which there can be no diving into the Heart; the question 'Who am I?', or 'Whence am I?', implies this resolve. To him that so dives, says the Sage, success is assured; for then, says he, some mysterious force arises from within and takes possession of his mind and takes it straight to the Heart; if the seeker be pure of mind and free from love of individuality he would yield himself unreservedly to this force and get the highest of rewards; for whatever a man is devoted to, that he gets, and there is nothing higher than the real Self.

~ Lakshmana Sarma, Maha Yoga

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