Monday, November 19, 2007

Where is that Gita?

Sri Bhagavan said of this incident in his own words, 'In 1913, Nayana asked some questions and got the answers for them. As the ideas were strongly imprinted in his mind when somebody asked something, he would create a sloka extempore and say it is in Ramana Gita at such and such a place and in such a Chapter. All this was done when he did not even put pen on paper for Ramana Gita. When he started to speak authoritatively, nobody could counter him. He used to be quite emotional. After doing like this for a long time, he wrote this Gita [Ramana Gita] now.'

One devotee expressed a doubt, 'Bhagavan! What would Nayana have done if somebody asked, "Where is that Gita?"'

Bhagavan smiled and said, 'Who would have dared to oppose him or argue with him? Who was there who had such courage? His demeanor was so authoritative that none could counter him. After creating Ramana Gita also he used to quote some slokas extempore as examples and say they were also in Ramana Gita. When somebody pointed out that it is not, he would say it was in Maha Ramana Gita. Perhaps he planned Maha Ramana Gita also. But now it happened otherwise.'

~ Sri A. V. Ramana, Mahatapasvi, Life Story of Sri Kavya Kantha Ganapati Muni

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