Thursday, November 15, 2007

the Maharshi's eyes

When I was at Ramanasramam in the 1940's I used to spend hours looking at the Maharshi's eyes. They would be open and staring, but not focussed on anything. Though his eyes were open, they were not seeing anything. Those eyes were completely free of thoughts and desires. The mind is revealed very clearly in the eyes, but in those eyes there was nothing at all to see. In the hours that I concentrated on his eyes, I didn't once see even a flicker of a thought or a desire. I have not seen such utterly desireless eyes like his on any other face. I have met many great saints during my life, but no one has impressed me as much as the Maharshi did.

~ Papaji talking to David Godman about Sri Ramana Maharshi in Nothing Ever Happened, Volume Three

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