Sunday, November 4, 2007

not an inch untrodden

One evening Nayana asked Bhagavan about the forests which at that time still existed on and around Arunachala, saying that he had been in forests in other parts of India but not here. Bhagavan, full of benevolence, at once offered to take him to see them.

He said with a radiant, almost boyish smile, 'Nayana, there is not an inch of ground on Arunachala that has not been trodden by these feet during the time when I was living on the hill, especially during the Virupaksha period. I have been up all the hills and down all the valleys. I have roamed about in the interior regions where no forest guard would dare to go.

~ Viswanatha Swami's account in The Power of the Presence, Part Two, by David Godman

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