Friday, March 21, 2008

in all matters

It appears that when I was a baby of about a year and a half, I had a sudden attack of severe colic pain. Mother could not quieten me, and not knowing what to do, rushed with me in her arms, in the scorching midday heat to the Ashram. Bhagavan was seated on the verandah picking out the stones from the black gram meant for making appalams, along with a few others. Mother placed me in Bhagavan's lap saying, "The baby is crying incessantly, and I do not know what to do". Then freed of all anxiety, she went and sat with the others and started cleaning the gram. Bhagavan passed his hand over my stomach and I fell asleep, relieved of the pain. Only when Bhagavan asked mother, "Why Rajamma, do you remember the baby", did she realise she had left me in Bhagavan's lap for a long time, and hurried to pick me up. In all matters great or small, Bhagavan is our only refuge.

~ from Hamsa Ramiah's Reminiscences

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