Saturday, March 29, 2008

His grace

A liberating air of freedom comes to one's life when Ramana enters it. 'There is sweetness and joy in losing ourselves in love of Him, in a union in which the individuality merges. What does 'loving Ramana' mean? Is it an act of volition, an exercise of our will or is it the operation of His grace?

"In my loveless heart you planted love of you, O Arunachala", says Bhagavan in Aksharamanamalai. Muruganar too sings: "Your Grace it was I stumbled to your feet, your love that raised me up and made me yours" (Ramana Sannidhi Murai). One thing, however, is clear; that to be chosen, to be touched and transformed into this communion, is the greatest good fortune that can happen to anyone, for it is the nature of Ramana to give His Sivahood. His auspiciousness, His supreme state of Bliss, in exchange for one's narrow, limited self!

~ A. R. Natarajan, Loving Ramana

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