Sunday, March 30, 2008

can there be a greater bliss?

As Muruganar says, "Let us yearn for the day when we can live conscious, every single second, that Bhagavan's grace is our strength and sustenance." For this let us learn to turn towards Him and approach Him by every available means, be it by singing His glory, or by silently exchanging glances with His eloquent and magnetic eyes or by seeking and cherishing the company of His devotees.

In Sri Ramana Gita and in Sat Darshana Ramana gives us His central teaching that one must somehow inhere in the heart, be it by breath control or by self-enquiry. Similarly one can say that one should somehow bring the fickle mind to rest by being attracted by the multifaceted beauty of Ramana so that passion for Him consumes all that separates us from Him.

Let us with loving eagerness learn to lose ourselves in and abide as Ramana. Can there be a greater bliss than becoming the food for Him?

~ A. R. Natarajan, Loving Ramana


shival said...

"Can there be a greater bliss than becoming the food for Him?" - Simply AWESOME! Bhagavan, please have me, right here, right now.

Om Namo Bhagavate Sri Ramanaay.

ramanamayi said...

Yes! Right now please Bhagavan!

Namo Ramanaya