Tuesday, January 1, 2008

This Stillness

To be calm and know "I AM THAT I AM", is really Bhagavan's one work. The inmost core, the Heart, the Divine shining all alone as `I-I', the Self-aware, is He. This centre simply IS; It is all Knowledge and all Bliss. It is from here that all begin to manifest, and in It all get lost. Being Itself That, It is all peace; no discord is there since the `I' or ego does not arise and has no `he' or `you' to oppose. Being the ever-present and all-pervading, the Supreme `I' is the Lord, Ramana who ever rejoices.

This state of Pure Bliss is the Supreme Man; the Truth Absolute is such as cannot be hidden under any cover. It spreads far and wide, and attracts to Itself kindred or seeking souls. It is Stillness, eternally expressive. Others can know it, enjoy it but cannot know its fullness nor Its source. They long to know, but the Stillness is unbreakable. Their longing grows and becomes an agony.

This Stillness, diamond hard, is milky kindness and at last responds ...

~ T. K. Sundaresa Iyer, At the Feet of Bhagavan

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