Saturday, April 28, 2007

the prasad of the mind

The Necessity of self-enquiry

Unless you enquire, within yourself, through yourself, into yourself, it will be impossible for you to become one with your own Self.

Except for true jnana-vichara [self-enquiry], there is no other effective means of attaining the state of supreme bliss.

Until one enquires into and knows one's own real nature, the agitation experienced by the mind will not cease.

Those who do not realise their real nature by careful enquiry cannot gain bliss, the prasad of the mind.

For your true state to merge in your Heart as your own nature, you must enquire and know that true state. This is the only way.

Those who leave the path of self-enquiry, the way of liberation, and wander off along the myriad forest tracks, will encounter only confusion.

The state of the Self is reached by going back the way one came. Whichever other path one travels on, it has to take you here and take refuge here.

~ Padamalai: Teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi Recorded by Muruganar

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