Wednesday, April 18, 2007

beyond form and death

Q: Bhagavan's body has gone now. I know intellectually that he is the Self and that he is everywhere but I still sometimes wish that I could have the good fortune of sitting in his physical presence. I know that the body is ultimately not important but I would feel so happy and secure if I knew that I could go and talk or just sit with Bhagavan every time I had a problem.

Annamalai Swami: Everything you see is Bhagavan's body. The guiding presence that you desire is shining through all these forms and animating them. Don't be attached to Bhagavan's form or body. The real Bhagavan is beyond form and beyond death.

Though water flows through the mouth of a stone tiger statue, everyone knows that it is not coming from the tiger; we all know that it is coming from the reservoir. Similarly, Bhagavan now speaks through everyone who knows and experiences him as he really is.

~ from Living by the Words of Bhagavan by David Godman


Arun said...

Thank you for posting these wonderful snippets. They brighten my day. May Sri Bhagavan bless you.

ramanamayi said...

arun, i am so happy to hear that. i post partly because it draws me into contemplation of Sri Bhagavan, but also because i love to imagine that someone,somewhere in the world, will come along, read His words (or words about Him) and turn their attention to His radiant Heart and receive His blessing. may His love drench you all day long.