Sunday, April 8, 2007

Mount Arunachala's exalted Son

Since all praised him as one of unbounded liberality, I came to him expectantly, and with joy. The bounteous 'giver' looked at me and stealthily plundered my very self! Great indeed is the liberality of this bountiful giver!

Even as I grieved, thinking thoughts I should not think, he became my Lord, spreading his radiance within my Heart so that I tasted the sweet nectar of his bliss. He is the heavenly one who fills my sight with his form, which is pure consciousness. He is Mount Arunachala's exalted Guru Ramana.

~ from Padam's Grace Towards Muruganar in Padamalai (originally from Sri Ramana Jnana Bodham and Sri Ramana Anubhuti)

(May you plunder us completely,
Beloved Bhagavan,
leaving no trace of anything
that is not You. Drown us
in your nectar. Destroy us
with your love. Restore our eyes
so we can see
You alone.)

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Dyllis said...

You write very well.