Sunday, August 12, 2007

as upon a lion-throne

Padam shines in my Heart in such a way that I rejoice intensely here, dwelling constantly with love on the gracious nobility with which he has governed me.

Hearing my call 'Save me!', Padam, saying 'What's the problem?' took pity on me and came down and governed me with relish, becoming my father who gave me birth in jnana.

Even though Padam, the Supreme, is the mother and father of all beings, he abides with me as my very own Lord in the Heart.

Padam, the supreme light of bliss, became my Lord, sheltering me at the feet of the adepts of jnana who have attained the Self.

Enthroned within the Heart of this guileless person, as upon a lion-throne, Padam exercises his rule over the entire, vast world.

~ Sri Muruganar, Padamalai, translated by Dr T. V. Venkatasubramanian, Robert Butler, and David Godman, edited and annotated by David Godman

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