Friday, April 17, 2009


I say that I have surrendered
But what have I given up?
It's easy to talk in this fashion
Though it's nothing but empty words,
Which came from the tongue too glibly
In a sentimental way.


It is all just show and pretending,
Prostrating and that sort of thing.
Quoting in texts and of shastras,
Perfect in word not in deed.
I'm sick, sick, sick of this business,
I want to start fresh but I can't.


Transmute me until I am blended
With you so that both are One.
When there's no longer the talk of surrender
Then alone has surrender begun.


~ Major Chadwick

(17 April is Chadwick Day.)

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Anonymous said...

thank you for all your share of Sri Ramana's heart. eternal blessings. I am following your blog with immense gratitude.