Saturday, July 5, 2008

The conscious introspective concentration of Self-Enquiry (Who am I?) kills all thoughts and and destroys the dense darkness of nescience; it effaces all worry; it illuminates the intellect with the radiance of pure awareness; it wipes out all conceptual confusions; it fixes one in the effulgent Siva-Self; it transforms a host of impending disasters into auspicious events; and lastly, it destroys the ego-mind utterly with all its afflictions.

~ Ribhu Gita, Ch. 32, V. 24, translated by Prof. N. R. Krishnamurti Aiyer

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Santhana ganesan said...

But such introspection is not continuous for me. For this self introspection too, Bhagavan should only show me the path. Because Iam failing to do this, who am I enquiry. When I started reading his books for the first time I really did some enquiry. I felt some calmness too. But that attraction is missing. But one thing is Iam blessed with the physical materials of this world. I think it is due to my Bhakthi towards Bhagavan. Shri. Palanisamy who was all along with Bhagavan did not write anything about Self enquiry. But He was satisfied with his service. Similarly I too want to be a bhkthan. It is upto Bhagavan to guide towards self enquiry.