Saturday, February 23, 2008

by enquiry or melting

Thinking in the proper manner of the Guru's Grace, which is beyond expression, and being Still, remaining unattached to the false [world] appearance in front of us, is alone Blissful. (verse 288)

Sadhu Om commentary: Sri Bhagavan often used to say "Grace is Self, which shines in everyone as 'I-I'" Therefore, "thinking in the proper manner of the Guru's Grace" is nothing but attending uninterruptedly to Self. In order to show that this Self-attention is nothing but avoiding second and third person attention, it is described here as "remaining unattached to the false world-appearance in front of us". Remaining in Self-attention by "Being Still" is neither a state of laziness, nor is it remaining like a stone in kashta-samadhi or laya; it is the state of making an uninterrupted effort towards Self-attention. When this state is understood and experienced as our own Natural State, then Self-attention becomes effortless, and that is Sahaja Samadhi.

Destroy the stealthy ego, which is the thought "I am the body", either by enquiring "Who am I?", or by melting into nothing by always thinking with love of God's feet. That which will then remain is the Light of Jnana. (verse 289)

~ Sri Muruganar, Guru Vachaka Kovai, translated by Sadhu Om and Michael James

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