Wednesday, March 14, 2007

from Silence of The Heart by Robert Adams:

"A question I am commonly asked over the telephone or in person is this: "Robert, how do you see the world?"

How am I supposed to see the world?

Someone tells me, "I know you see Consciousness, you don't see us."

If I didn't see you, I would not be able to function. Of course I see you.

Someone else tells me, "You see bright lights and sacred images."

Again, if I see bright lights and sacred images, I'd get run over by a truck. I see exactly what you see. Nothing. The only difference is this: I look at the world and I laugh, for I realize I don't know or I don't think.

I realize that the world is none other than myself. The world is Consciousness. It is not the world as it appears, but it's still a superimposition. Therefore, a sage sees the world but realizes the world is Brahman, and is only an appearance. Whereas most people look at the world and they identify with the world. Therefore they have fears, frustrations, pains, arguments, wars, man's inhumanity to man. Only because they identify with the world."

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